Competition Rules


Submissions to the Energy Creates Scholarship Competition (the "Competition") must be in English and/or French (submissions that include languages other then English and/or French and translations are not eligible).

Canadian citizens, whether living in Canada or abroad, and permanent residents of Canada are eligible to enter.

For any participant who has not reached the age of majority in his/her province or country of residence (a "minor"), parental or guardian consent is necessary to enter the Competition.

Each participant must be in or enter into a part-time or full-time diploma or degree program at an accredited post-secondary institution (an "Eligible Program") no later than September 30, 2027.

People who work for Energy Creates Inc., as well as the members of the selection committee, as well as their immediate family members (i.e. parent, sibling or child) and people living under the same roof during the submission period of the Competition are not eligible for this Competition.

Previously published participants may submit texts provided that the submissions are original works that have not yet been published, displayed or broadcast publicly. For the purposes of the Competition, a work has been (i) published if it has been acquired (gratuitously or for remuneration) for physical or digital/online publication by an editor or publisher that is independent of the author; and (ii) broadcast if it has been performed publicly on any platform or media (e.g. radio, television, podcast, etc.). For greater clarity, sharing a text through a personal outlet, such as a personal blog, newsletter, or social media post, will not constitute a work being published or broadcast for the purposes of the Competition.

Without limiting the foregoing, texts originating, in whole or in part, from artificial intelligence platforms (such as ChatGPT) are not eligible for the Competition.

There must be only one author per entry.


Participants warrant that the work they are submitting is an original and unpublished work written by them and that they own all rights to it. Participants will indemnify and hold Energy Creates Inc., and its affiliates, harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, costs and other expense arising out of claims, whatever their nature, resulting directly or indirectly from breach of this warranty.

Participants submitting to the Scholarship

In submitting their work, each participant grants Energy Creates Inc. the following licenses free of charge and irrevocably:

  • The right to translate an excerpt from the work submitted (no more than 15% of its total length)
  • The non-exclusive right to reproduce and publish an excerpt from the work submitted (no more than 15% of its total length) on the websites and platforms controlled or authorized by Energy Creates Inc., both in the original language and in translation

Finalists and winners

In accepting a Scholarship, the winners and finalists grant to Energy Creates Inc., for the entire term of all rights, the following licenses:

  • The right to translate the work;
  • The right to reproduce and publish the work in all formats, including on the websites and platforms controlled or authorized by Energy Creates Inc. and on any future merchandise, both in the original language and in translation;
  • The right to make an audio/video recording by means of any existing or not-yet-invented technology, to distribute and broadcast readings, reproductions or performances of works, as applicable, or excerpts therefrom in the original language or in translation, in print or broadcast media and websites/platforms controlled or authorized by Energy Creates Inc.; and
  • The right to edit, abridge or excerpt the work for the purposes of publication or broadcast (the participant will be consulted if significant edits are necessary).

For a purpose of clarity, the licenses granted to Energy Creates Inc. by the finalists and winners are for all territories throughout the world (unless another agreement is reached with Energy Creates Inc.) and are exclusive for a year from the date of acceptance of the Scholarship and non-exclusive thereafter. Moreover, the finalist and winners, as well as the people accompanying them, or their parents or guardians if the winners are minors, shall agree, if necessary, to have their name and/or picture, including their photograph and/or their voice used for advertising purposes related to this Competition, free of charge.

These licenses include the rights for Energy Creates Inc. to grant sub-licences to exercise the rights granted by this licence.


The work submitted must fall within one of the below categories and be within the specified word count or length for that category*. Works may be submitted for the following categories:

  • Short film (10 minutes or less)
  • Painting, drawing, photograph, design, sculpture or other work of visual art
  • Dance performance (10 minutes or less)
  • Musical performance (10 minutes or less)
  • Short story, other fictional or non-fictional writing (5,000 words or less)*

*Word count includes all words contained in the work including but not limited to titles, footnotes, introductions, etc. Submissions over the specified word count will be disqualified.

Our limits are strict in each category. To calculate word counts, we put your entire submission (including the title) into Microsoft Word and use Word's word counter. Since Word only relies on spaces to delimit words, any term containing a hyphen ("twenty-five") or an apostrophe ("can't", "don't") counts as a single word. Word also counts every article ("the", "a", etc.) as a separate word. Microsoft Word also automatically counts groups of characters (e.g. "xxx") as well as symbols (e.g. "***" or "~~~") as a word.

Participants are limited to one submission per participant and cannot submit one submission in each category.

Participants must complete the official entry form for each entry.


Each submission shall be an original artistic work on the theme of the Canadian energy sector.  


Prior to creating their submission participants must (i) watch the documentary Global Warning which can be found here:, and (ii) pass the quiz based on the documentary content. If the quiz does not automatically pop up after viewing the documentary, it can be found here: A "pass" is deemed any score 60% correct or above.

All submissions must:

  • Be submitted by creating an account at and submitting via the scholarship competition portal:
  • Have parental or guardian consent, for submissions by minors.
  • Be submitted anonymously: the name of the entrant must not appear anywhere on the text to ensure the objectivity of the jury.
  • Be in a legible font and font size for written words.
  • Be in an .mp3 format for audio works or an .mp4 format for audiovisual works.
  • Be in a .jpg format for visual works.

If you are unable to submit your content online, please contact the Contest team by email at

  • All submissions are final: no changes or substitutions are allowed.
  • No handwritten manuscripts, fax texts, mailed in envelopes/packages or emailed submissions will be accepted.
  • Submissions will not be returned, and feedback or editorial comments will not be given on the works.

Any communication with members of the jury regarding this Competition will disqualify the participant as it will compromise the blind judging process.

Submission Deadline:

Competition opens: Monday March 18, 2024 at 03:00 Eastern Time – 00:00 Pacific Time

Deadline: August 31, 2024 at 17:00 Eastern Time – 14:00 Pacific Time (the "Deadline")

Participants must verify the exact Deadline on the Competition website Please note that Energy Creates Inc. is permitted to modify the Deadline at any time. 

Online submission: all works must be submitted, and payments must be made on or before 17:00 Eastern Time (14:00 PM Pacific Time) on the day of the Deadline.

Winners will be announced approximately six months after the Deadline for each Competition.


Works are judged anonymously. The winners will be selected by the consensus of a panel of expert jurors and in the sole discretion of the jurors.

Only the work submitted will be considered by the jurors, other documents, images, diagrams etc. are not eligible for consideration by the jurors.

Jurors will be chosen by Energy Creates Inc. in its sole discretion.

All decisions by the jury are final (subject to meeting any conditions and eligibility criteria as determined by Energy Creates Inc.).


There will be up to 5 Scholarships available to win during the Competition.

Each winner will receive an amount each year equal to their tuition costs at an Eligible Program and other mandatory fees for each year of their educational program up to a cumulative maximum of $100,000.00 CAD (the "Scholarship"). This may include reimbursement for any year(s) of study at such Eligible Program that the winner may have already completed with proof of payment of such tuition costs paid by or on behalf of the winner.  

The winner will be required to provide Energy Creates Inc. or its designated scholarship administrator with documentation from their Eligible Program outlining proof of tuition owing and enrollment in the Eligible Program. Participants maintain ownership of their works, although rights to reproduce and distribute them to the public are limited by the licenses granted according to these rules.

The Scholarship is not transferable and includes only what is specifically mentioned in these rules.  If for any reason whatsoever, the winner is unable to use the Scholarship in whole or in part or is unwilling to accept or take advantage of the Scholarship as described, or a portion thereof, the Scholarship or portion thereof will be forfeited without compensation and Energy Creates Inc. and its affiliated companies or agents, as well as their respective directors, officers and employees, will be released from all obligations toward the winner with regards to the Scholarship or portion thereof.

To be proclaimed winners or finalists, participants must meet all the conditions and eligibility criteria set out in these rules. The winners and finalists, or in the of case minors, their parents or guardians, shall provide information requested by Energy Creates Inc. in this regard, and shall sign a declaration of eligibility for the Competition, as set out in these rules, and release Energy Creates Inc. and its affiliated companies or agents, as well as their respective directors, officers and employees, from any liability for damage or loss whatsoever, whether arising from the participants' involvement in this Competition or from the awarding, acceptance or use of the Scholarship.

A winner's refusal to accept a Scholarship releases Energy Creates Inc. and its affiliated companies or agents, as well as their respective directors, officers and employees, from all obligations toward the winner.


Should participants make any false statement or do not meet all the conditions described in these rules, they shall be automatically disqualified from the Competition. If plagiarism or non-compliance with the conditions described in these rules is alleged, the jury shall conduct a reasonable inquiry in the circumstances, and if it determines that plagiarism or non-compliance with the conditions described in these rules has occurred, the participant concerned shall be disqualified and shall return the Scholarship money. Such a decision by the jury shall be final and cannot be appealed.

Energy Creates Inc., as well as its respective directors, officers and employees, assume no liability for any loss, damage or injury, including without limitation:  (i) lost, stolen delayed, damaged, misdirected, late, destroyed, incorrect, illegible or incomplete entries; (ii) loss, theft or damage to software or computer or telephone data, including any breach of privacy; (iii) inability of any person to participate in the Competition for any reason including mistaken addresses on mail or e-mail; technical, computer or telephone malfunctions or other problems with computer on-line systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, or software; congestion on the Internet or at any website, or any combination of the foregoing; (iv) damage to any person's computer, including as a result of playing or downloading any material relating to the Competition; (v) any delay or inability to act resulting from an event or situation beyond their control, including a strike, lockout or other labour dispute at their location or the locations of the organizations and businesses whose services are used to administer this Competition or (vi) prizes that are lost, damaged or misdirected during shipping.

Names, address, telephone number and email are collected by Energy Creates Inc. and will be used by Energy Creates Inc. only for the purpose of administering this Competition. This information will not be used for any other purpose without the express consent of the participants. By providing this information, participants consent to its use for the purposes indicated.

Applicants may be required to provide Energy Creates Inc., at its sole discretion, with proof of their name, identity, and age. Failure to provide adequate proof will automatically disqualify the participant from the Competition.

Energy Creates Inc. reserves the right to modify the rules or end the Competition at any time without any responsibility towards a participant. Any modification to the rules will be posted on the website

Participation in the Competition implies acceptance of these rules which Energy Creates Inc. will take care in applying. All of its decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

This Competition is subject to all Canadian federal, provincial and municipal legislation applicable.

In case of appeals, all participant claims will be addressed in the Calgary courts.